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Whether you are a club owner, spa consultant, architect or builder, you’ll find our generators to be the most technologically advanced available – built with only the best quality components and over 40 years of experience, backed with ISO International Manufacturing Quality Management System.


  • CCSAUS certified, UL-listed.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System ensures the advance design, perfect pre- & post-production, superior customer service, and hassle-free factory warranty

  • Specified by leading architects, consultants, and designers throughout North America

  • Successfully served in prestigious projects all over the world


  • Super-quiet operation, continuous smooth steam

  • Completely controlled by programmable microprocessor, electronic thermostat, and sensor-accurate steam room temperature

  • Standby mode pre-heats the unit, steam ready on-demand

  • Standby binary system is a perfect choice for instant or non-stop performance, provides the option of standby and binary-stage operation system

  • Hands-free 2-in-1 system is designed to keep the room hot and always full of steam for the complete satisfaction of your members

  • Automatic flush system removes sediments after each cycle, prevents calcium build up, and adds fresh water for each steam bath – making it hygienic

  • The exclusive self-cleaning system automatically repeats the cleaning cycle 10 times in 30 minutes, ensures optimum efficiency and peak performance

  • The innovative built-in drain-cooling system cools the boiling water before flushing it out of the unit, meets local building codes and eliminates the need for a cool-down tank

(The above illustrates how compact these units are. This space can easily handle two units for two rooms, as well as a dedicated water softener.)


  • Easy-to-follow installation procedure

  • Factory-mounted 24-hour/7-day digital timer and electronic digital thermostat

  • Steam unit built with easily accessible front panel

  • All compression-fitting connection

  • Sediment strainer factory-installed

  • Motorized drain valve with the option for manual flush

  • Dual water inlets offer the unit better steam performance and extended life expectancy


  • Type 316L, 304 high-quality stainless steel boiler tank & piping

  • The unique sloped bottom design ensures optimum efficiency

  • Galvanized 18-gauge enclosure with superior powder coating, corrosion-resistant, excellent color and gloss retention

  • Multi-cabin design separates boiler tank, electrical system, and control system

  • Well-insulated steam boiler to improve energy-efficient and safe operation

  • Easy paneling design makes the unit easily accessible from front & both side panels

  • The bottom of the enclosure is built with louvers for air circulation and prevents water flow

  • Industrial process low-density 800 series Incoloy heating elements, corrosion-resistant

  • Maintenance-free, high-grade stainless steel electrical probe for water level control, no moving parts inside tank

  • All-solenoid valve enhanced for 10 million operations