Premium Custom Pre-Cut Sauna Kits

SK1 Scandia is committed to making your sauna kit purchase and construction easy. A quality sauna originates from the quality of materials and the sauna heater. Scandia saunas (also under the Am-Finn sauna brand) have been the exclusive “preferred vendor” for the YMCA’s nationally for 13 years. Scandia (under Am-Finn brand) is also a preferred vendor for Gold’s Gym’s and Bally’s Total Fitness. Scandia only offers full-length clear Western Red Cedar (1”x6” or 1/2” x 4” boards). Each kit comes complete and cut to exact specifications with only the best commercial quality materials and components.
The Heart of the Sauna: line of convection air-flow sauna heaters. By achieving greater air-flow, the heater can heat the room more rapidly and extend the life of the heater elements. This is accomplished by a unique element chamber design that separates each element. By restricting air space, the lower cold mass of air forces the warm air out at a higher velocity. In traditional saunas, where the elements are grouped together in the chamber, the elements radiate heat against each other forcing the elements to work at a higher temperature and for longer periods of time compared to a convection design. SK2
Most Complete Sauna Kit Available
  • Gas heater body: internal chamber #321 spec stainless steel.
  • Gas heater body: external shell #304 spec brushed stainless steel.
  • Gas heater body: rock pan #304/321 spec stainless steel. Holds up to eight gallons.
  • Internal wall flashing: flashing #304 spec brushed stainless steel.
  • Back panel assembly: through-wall assembly: 22 ga galvanizes steel.
  • Venting components: vertical (draft hood) or direct (flue cap) venting.
  • Burner assembly: proprietary burner, gas valve and pilot generator.
Above: Gas Heaters
Left: Electric Heaters
Gas or Electric?
If possible, a gas sauna heater is the ideal choice. Gas heaters generate a quality of heat that cannot be achieved by an electric heater. Gas offers a warm friendly heat that greatly enhances the sauna experience. In addition to quality, in most parts of the world, it cost lest to operate than electric heaters (up to 50% less). The LTV (life time value) of a gas sauna heater is substantially greater than electric heaters from an operational and maintenance point of view.