Steam Sauna Models CS15 and CS18


Manufacturer Steam Sauna, Inc.
Service Residential Steam Generator
Operating Pressure Atmospheric
Model CS15 CS18
Output 15.0 KW 18.0 KW
Amps 63 75
Electrical 240 Volts, Single Phase
20”L x 9”W x 14”H (models R) 24”L x 9”W x 14”H (models AF & MF)
R: Regular (no drain), AF: Automatic Flush, MF: Manual Flush
Water Feed 1/4” copper tube
Electronic Control Module Contains a P.C. board that controls the heating unit, water level and flush drain using a specific application, factory preset microprocessor with 90 min auto shut off safety feature
Elements Low density industrial incoloy heating elements
Operational Supply Valve one- 1/4” c/w compression connector for 1/4” tube
Auto Flush Valve one – 3/4” c/w compression connector for 3/4” copper pipe
Steam Outlet Pipe two – 3/4” c/w compression connector for 3/4” copper pipe
Safety Relief Valve 10 PSI or less