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We understand that every customer has unique and varied needs; we also know that everyone wants a hassle-free process that results in a beautiful product. Choosing a complete sauna from Scandia means you won’t need to compromise on either front. Each sauna is an unbelievably luxurious experience wrapped up in a package and ready for assembly as soon as it arrives. Manufacturing every sauna in the United States allows Scandia to make sure every detail meets the highest-quality of standards. Handcrafted using the highest quality materials, the Grade A Western Red Cedar envelops you with its rich scent, creating the welcoming environment of a traditional sauna. Every sauna includes an Ultra-Sauna Heater which provides the gentle heat associated with the Finnish Sauna Experience.

Scandia is one of the few companies that continue to use the time-tested traverse joint system with the modular sauna design. Considered to be the optimum joint design for solid wood saunas, Scandia continues to honor the traditional design approach of log saunas. Considered the ideal sauna design, solid log saunas breath naturally and retain and reflect a warmer natural heat when compared to a “wall construction” sauna. Wall construction saunas (pre-cut or wall built modular) use thin cedar boards backed by reflective foil to create a more artificial heat environment.

Sauna enthusiasts know that pouring water on the sauna heater rocks will increase the sauna’s humidity and temperature quickly. Club owners know that the Finnish tradition of pouring water on the sauna heater rocks cause damage to the heater and shorten the life of the elements. Scandia’s Ultra Sauna heaters are the only heaters in the world that offer a solid pan design with 100% stainless steel construction. The design allows the use of water while protecting the heater components. Unlike other heaters on the market, water does not run onto the elements and effect the electrical components. Also, Scandia’s heaters do not rust and require less maintenance than other heaters on the market. Please consult with a representative regarding various heater sizes, including BTU’s and voltage available.

Scandia is committed to making your modular sauna purchase and construction easy. A quality sauna originates from the quality of materials and the sauna heater. Scandia has been the exclusive “preferred vendor” for YMCA’s nationally, for 13 years running. Scandia is also a preferred vendor for Gold’s Gym and Powerhouse Gym. Scandia only supplies full length 2”x6” Western Red Cedar. Each kit comes complete and cut to specifications with only the best commercial quality materials and components.


  • Select boards of Grade A (and better) Tongue & Groove Cedar, kiln-dried, “V” joint, knotty or clear, for interior walls and ceiling

  • Full upper and lower benches made of Grade A Clear Cedar (screws to be fastened from the bottom)

  • Removable Tru-Tile vinyl flooring or optional cedar duckboard for traffic area

  • Solid-core door with insulated window— standard 12”x44” (see Options list for door styles)

  • 100% stainless steel sauna heater with steamer tray (240, 208 or 480 volts) with controls. Industry’s best warranty

  • Heater guardrail, hygrometer, bucket/ladle

  • Suana thermometer, wooden bucket ands ladle, sauna light

  • Aluminum foil vapor barrier