Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid Steam Rooms

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AdHyb2small Am-Finn / Scandia is the original innovator/manufacturer of the “Hybrid Steam Rooms” combining unique construction and material approach combined with advanced self-cleaning (powerzone) technology.
The Advanced Hybrid Steam cuts energy costs by 50% and eliminates the need for daily cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals. Today, many architects only specify hybrid steam rooms – citing tile rooms as a thing of the past.
Many of the nations top fitness organizations have begun the transition from problematic tile to efficient and sanitary Hybrid Steam rooms.
Organizations such as Gold´s Gym, YMCA and professional sports franchises have already make the change.
A wide range of custom colors are available upon request.
Am-Finn / Scandia’s next generation modular steam rooms (called hybrid steam rooms) are a highly efficient substitute to the traditional tile steam room. Compared to tile rooms, the Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid rooms require less maintenance and less energy to operate. Traditional steam rooms harbor a variety of bacteria and mold in the grout and pours of the tile, and over a period of 3-5 years, the grout begins to deteriorate thus requiring renovation. Am-Finn / Scandia’s Hybrid systems provide many years of trouble-free service to high-traffic commercial facilities and come with an industry leading 5-year warranty. Today, many commercial architects and facility managers have made the switch from tile to the high-tech Hybrid steam room systems.
Efficient – Am-Finn / Scandia’s Hybrid steam rooms are 50% more efficient than stone tile and 30% more efficient than ceramic tile. This translates to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.
Sanitary – Tile and bonding materials used in traditional steam rooms are porous and therefore harbor and promote the growth of molds and bacteria. The smooth non-porous interior of an Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid steam system combined with the Power Zone 400 automatic sterilizer does not present a favorable growth environment for bacteria and mold.
Maintenance – Traditional tile steam rooms require weekly (sometimes daily) deep cleaning of the tile and grout in order keep the environment clean, and within a couple years the grout will discolor and begin to deteriorate. Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid steam systems can be sprayed down with standard household cleaning products for plastic shower enclosures.
Installation – A traditional tile steam room can take several days to construct and can be quite costly. A typical Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid steam room can be assembled in one day.
Longevity – Am-Finn / Scandia Hybrid steam rooms come with a 5-Year panel replacement warranty. With traditional tiled steam rooms, history shows it will need to be re-tiled within five years.



Revolutionary Automatic Cleaning System

Mold, mildew, bacteria and that ubiquitous musty smell are a thing of the past. Chlorine, chemicals and scrubbing are also eliminated with the Power-Zone 400. Designed specifically to remedy the on-going sanitary concerns of the commercial sauna and steam room, using the principals of corona discharge. The Power-Zone 400 is the industry’s first sauna and steam automatic sanitization system. This system is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of toxic chemicals and costly manhours dedicated to cleaning saunas and steam rooms. Scandia3

Research, Development and Evolution

Am-Finn / Scandia is a world leading manufacturer of sauna and steam room equipment. As one of the largest global suppliers to the hospitality and recreation industries, Am-Finn / Scandia continually invests in product development that result in longer lasting, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products.


Scandia4 Introducing the Evolution Modular steam-room
system. Uses 50% less energy than traditional tile
rooms and eliminates the following common problems.
  • Mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • The ever-present musty smell.
  • Daily use of harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Annual re-grouting between tiles.
  • Re-tiling every 2-5 years.
  • Large steam boiler systems.
  • Constant customer complaints.

Advanced Hybrid Steam Room


What is Ozone?

Ozone(O3) is also known as “Activated Oxygen”. Containing three atoms of oxygen(O2), as opposed to the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone which exists in our earth’s atmosphere is a protective layer that protects us from harmful UV rays of the sun.

How is Ozone being created naturally and synthetically?

Ozone is formed naturally by the Ultra-Violet Rays from the sun and by lightning. Ozone can also be created synthetically by passing air through a corona discharge ozone chamber (electrical reaction) or Ultra-Violet lamp (photochemical reaction). Some of the oxygen molecules split into two separate oxygen atoms. These single atoms then form semi-unstable bonds with the oxygen molecules (O2+O1=O3/Ozone). These oxygen molecules are highly reactive. This reactivity is because of the third atom of oxygen, also know as a ‘Hungry Atom’. This atom being very eager to break away from this unstable bond and react with any oxidizable compound (organic or inorganic). The Ozone created by POWERZONE 400 (corona discharge method) is significantly more concentrated than natural ozone created by ultra-violet rays.

What is the life span of Ozone?

Ozone is extremely unstable and has a short lifespan. It will break up into oxygen in 20 to 30 minutes (depending on the temperatures of the environment). It is very susceptible to heat, as the ozone-ated atmosphere is being heated, ozone will convert back into oxygen quickly. Ozone cannot be stored and must be generated on site and used instantly.

Is Ozone safe to use?

Ozone is the safest and most powerful oxidant known today. It performs 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide and 5 times faster than ultra-violet rays for air and water treatment. Ozone as an oxidant decomposes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be harmless to humans.
*Consult operational manual for use and restrictions*

How does Ozone act as a disinfectant?

Ozone is extremely active. When it encounters bacteria, Ozone will interfere with the metabolism of bacterium-cells, through inhibiting and blocking the operation of the enzymatic control system. A sufficient amount of ozone will breaks through the cell membrane and leads to the destruction of the bacteria. Thereafter, the rest of ozone naturally reverts to oxygen very quickly.

Is Ozone harmful to humans?

Ozone is non-cancer-causing, but it may affect the respiratory system when the concentration is too high. However, once we move out from Ozone concentrations immediately, the feeling of respiratory discomfort will immediately disappear. The Am-Finn / Scandia sauna or steam room should not be entered until 30 minutes after the POWERZONE 400 has cycled off. The POWERZONE 400 cannot operate while the sauna or steam room is occupied.


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